Accounts Prepartion

We have over 30 years of experience preparing accounts for a range of businesses.

Tax Returns

We prepare tax returns for 2013-14 using HMRC approved software and submit them together with tax computations and other disclosable information to HMRC. The deadline to avoid late filing penalties is 31 January 2015 unless you submit a paper tax return which must be submitted by 31 October 2014 to avoid a late filing penalty. If you want HMRC to collect the tax you owe, up to £3,000, through your tax code, then your tax return must be filed by 30 December 2014

We offer a Value Tax Return preparation service for a fixed fee of £185. This includes disclosing interest from 5 banks or building societies, dividends from 5 UK quotes companies, state pension, 2 private pensions, 5 personal pension payments, 5 gift aid payments and up to 2 employments. This includes preparing your tax return from information you provide, sending it to you for review and authorisation and then submitting it electronically to HMRC.

We prepare more complex Self Assessment tax returns to include income from self employment and capital allowance computations, rental income, foreign income, and capital gains arising on the disposal of chargeable assets.

If you dispose chargeable assets for proceeds more than £43,600 or made gain of more than £10,900 separate capital gains tax computations need to be submitted to HMRC. When applicable we prepare appropriate capital gains tax computations for submission to HMRC

We prepare Tax Returns for non residents.

We also prepare and submit to HMRC tax returns for Partnerships and Trusts.

Please contact us by email: or telephone 01494 837696 with your specific requirements and tax return information for the current tax year.